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We are furniture resellers, we are hired by home owners and property managers to remove old furnishings then we recycle the furnishings.

CALL/TEXT 808-793-4595

What We Are All About...we hate seeing barely used almost like new furniture being discarded as trash.  So we set up Second Chance’ to provide a way for island residence to have their old furnishings removed, stored and recycled.



How we work. . .our services are for home owners and property managers needing furnishings removed.  We then store them and do our best to find the used furniture a new home.  We first try to resale the items, if they have not sold after 30 days we try to donate them.  Once the furnishings have been stored for 45 to 60 days and could not be sold or given away then the items will have to be disposed of to make space for newly acquired furniture.


WE DO NOT BUY FURNITURE OR OFFER CONSIGNMENT SERVICES; we provide furniture removal and reseller services.  Understand once we pickup your old unwanted furniture you are giving that furniture away and no longer have any rights to it.  We then store it and make every attempt to find someone who needs it.


What Items Can Be Recycled. . .before contacting us about having your furnishings removed please understand for items to be considered for recycling they must be in excellent condition.  

Furniture must be like new, in perfect condition.  Mattresses must be barely used, no fading, no stains, no pets, no smoking, must look like it is still brand new.  If the items do not meet these standards it is difficult to recycle them, makes it almost impossible for us to find them a new home.  Understand most people will take used furniture as long as the items do not appear used.  If your furnishings do not meet these standards we will still remove them for you but they may not qualify to be stored and recycled.  We have been recycling items for a long time; no matter how nice, rare or special your items are that does not mean anyone will want them.  Several people may offer to buy an old cheap brown couch cause it has a retro look and the next item can be a two-hundred year old antique worth thousands of dollars and no one will have any interest in it.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what we are able to recycle.  We are unable to make any guarantees, but we do our best to find our stored furnishings a new home. 



If you would like to be added to the pickup schedule, please text photos (no videos) to 808-793-4595 of the items you need removed and details about moving the items from your property; how many floors, stairs or elevator, property parking and accessibility, etc.  Once we have those details we will respond with a quote and schedule your pickup.